Ethereal sunsets. Begging hills. Humbling vistas.

For those of us who call this small corner of the world our home, we experience incredible moments of beauty and majesty. And since blessings are to be shared, so it is with Middleburg Life. This small newspaper – now achieving magazine status – is a venue to express and to glorify those blessings in life that we enjoy in this hamlet of Virginia.

We seek to share the stories of Middleburg and its surrounding community not only with each other, but to the wider audience around us.  To draw people into this distinctive place, to partake in its simplicity and the richness of its traditions and to invite people from all over to either visit or to experience a touch of its lifestyle through our pages.

The grandeur in giving, the nobility in needing, and the fulfillment of our spirit – with hills and horses, farmers and trades, arts and culture and the generosity of its people: this is what our community is all about. And this is what our magazine will do in every way to portray its greatness and the dedication we have to its ideals and its traditions.

There is no mystique about Middleburg. There’s simply glory, in life, love, and happiness.

David Greenhill