Meet Joanie

8 years, 8 months. Female.

Joanie, 8-year-old female. Photo courtesy of Chris Weber Studios.

Joanie, 8-year-old female.

Hello, friends, my name is Joanie and while I have a somewhat sad story, I don’t let it define me. I was found in an abandoned house and brought to MHF. Sometime in my younger days, I had a hind end injury, and so now the lovely staff gives me medication to keep me comfortable. They’re such dolls! I don’t mind taking the medication at all. It makes me very relaxed. The staff call my walk the bunny hop.

All I want is a quiet home with a couch that I can lounge my days away on! I don’t mind if you have to go to work, I’ll sleep the day away but as soon as you come home, I’ll sit right next to you. I go out of my way to find any humans petting another cat in our cat cabin. I sit right next to the other cat and wait for my turn. I don’t meow much and I really don’t mind kittens playing over me and around me.

Special Diet

Limited wet food and Hill’s special diet food.

Special Needs

Daily medication. ML

Article courtesy of Melanie Burch, Director of Development. For more information, call 540-364-3272 or visit

Middleburg Human Foundation operates a private, 4.5-acre farm shelter located in Marshall, Virginia. It is their goal to provide a haven for abused, neglected and at-risk animals, both large and small. Photo courtesy of Chris Weber Studios.