Meet Zoey

11-year-old Australian Shepherd mix (with Sheltie/Collie markings)

Hello! My name is Zoey and I am a beautiful 11-year-old mix. I love to be pampered with petting from friends. If you give me a treat, I’ll give you my paw in return to say thanks. I came from a shelter in West Virginia, but I wasn’t able to tell my story to MHF. I can say I love to be engaged with humans. When I want your attention, I’ll place my head on your lap or bark because I have something to say to you. I like to keep my eye on you and make sure everyone is okay. I personally wouldn’t call myself special needs, but I do have an inoperable hernia. The only remedy is short walks and long snuggles with you! Just because I need to take it easy doesn’t mean I don’t have spunk. I’m happy to have a conversation with you.

Needs a little extra care because of inoperable hernia. ML