West Federal Retail today announced it will be rebranding its loulou ladies clothing location in Middleburg to Zest clothing & co.  “We wanted to continue to build upon the lou lou foundation, yet give our clothing stores their own separate brand and personality,” said Ben Wegdam, owner of the company.  The merchandise mix will remain the same as it currently is, just the name will change. Loulou too, will keep its name and continue to operate as the accessory location”.

The new name Zest and its concept was first unveiled in Richmond, VA in October of last year The store will continue to feature independent designers plus fresh finds national brands like Splendid, Free People and Level 99, along with private label brands and select accessories available for a complete boutique experience. The projected change name will take place in April.

West Federal Retail is the parent company of Crème de la Crème, loulou and Zest. Headquartered in Middleburg, Virginia, the company operates 34 retail locations across the East Coast.

The Wegdams and their employees are driven by a passion for retail and a commitment to serving their local communities. It is the intention to rebrand the current loulou clothing stores, located in Leesburg, Va and Washington DC to Zest in the second quarter of 2018.

To learn more about the boutique and future expansion plans, please contact Ben Wegdam at 540 455 3215 or ben@westfederalretail.com.