Middleburg Humane Foundation’s annual blue jeans ball

Auctioneer Brian Damewood, Peter Schwartz, Caroline Polhemus and Michelle Noel in the spirit!Bethann Beeman, MHF Board Director. Bibi DeHeller and Josh Muss.Catherine Rochester. Julia Trumbo, McCauley Alexiou and Melanie Burch make a great team! Kelly Carberry and Patti Thomas. Marvin Jawer, Natalie Epstein and Mike and Wendy Smith. Memorial bricks and tiles for beloved pets were a big hit during the evening's Silent Auction.The decor was lovely and the mood was lively at MHF's Blue Jean Ball. Tim and Stephanie Bates and other guests joined in the bidding.Left to Right, Allison Springer (hands on rear), David Bowman (hands on head), Melanie Hitchen (standing with arms on head) and Peter Hitchen sitting, during fun and games.

Photos by Tony Gibson

The Middleburg Community Center came alive for some boot-scootin’ fun on April 28th as animal lovers from all over hunt country came out to support the amazing work of the Middleburg Humane Foundation.

“Our community continues to overwhelm us with their generosity, year after year,” said Melanie Burch, MHF Director of Development. “We raised even more than last year, netting $223,000 for our programs.”

Although their financial needs continue to grow due to the increasing demands for their services, the MHF is committed to finding a way to be there for abused, neglected and at risk animals that find their way to their doors.

“I just want everyone to know how grateful we are for their support,” said Burch. ML