By Chelsea Rose Moore

Santa is checking his list twice! Make sure you are checking yours, too.

If you are planning to put jewels under your tree this year, Mystique Jewelry owner Elizabeth Mandros can help. She answered our questions about what to expect from a shopping experience at Mystique Jewelers and the importance of creating a Wish List.


ML: If a man walks in and wants to buy his wife a piece of jewelry, what are the three questions you ask him or what are the three things he should know about his wife?

Elizabeth: The first thing I do is try and get to know her style and her lifestyle. What does she do? Where does she work? What does she do during the day? Does she go to lunch with friends? Does she go out to dinner? Then, I get an idea of what she wears. I ask if she likes yellow gold or white gold. I ask about her coloring. Does she have blue eyes or brown eyes. Does she like lots of colors? Gold and diamonds or platinum? Does she like wearing studs or long dangle earrings? The most important question I’ll ask is: Does she have a Wish List here?

If they purchase something from her Wish List, they know she is going to say, “Wow!” It’s definitely going to be perfect. When you create a digital wish list at Mystique, both stores can see it. We put in ring size, birthday, anniversary, and then all the pieces in the store that they like. When we pull up their name, it pulls up the piece and the description of the piece, and it shows if we have it in stock. It can be set up online or through our store, and then emailed to your loved ones.

While you are picking out pieces for your Wish List, we’ll give your jewelry a complimentary clean, and we’ll check to make sure it’s secure. We are a full house goldsmith shop, so we do everything from repairs to custom design to replacing watch batteries.

ML: What is the most popular color gem this season?

Elizabeth: I love blue because I’m blue jean girl. The stone I love is moonstone. I just feel like you can wear it more often. I wear a nice dressy piece and wear it casually with my jeans and my shirt. I get dressed up every once in a while, and it changes the whole look when you’ve got a black dress on.

You must wear your jewelry or redesign it, so it becomes something you wear again, especially if it’s an heirloom piece. Let’s say you have pieces you wear every day. I can help you with layering and change the length of the necklaces, which changes the whole look.

ML: What are your upcoming December events?

Elizabeth: One of my favorite designers is Jude Frances because the pieces are so versatile. We have a Jude Frances Trunk Show on Dec. 7 in Middleburg and Dec. 8 in Alexandria. The shows are really great because you can try so many pieces on, and add things to your Wish List. Every guest will receive a bag of gifts, including a little dish made by Jude Frances, a travel pouch, and a coffee cup that says, “When I was a little girl I used to collect rocks. Now that I’m a big girl, I still collect rocks.”

RSVP to and let them know which show you’ll be attending. All registered guests will receive a goodie bag, and will receive 10% off the day of the show.


Mystique Jewelers is located at 112 W Washington St., Middleburg and 123 S. Fairfax St., Alexandria. The Middleburg store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Sunday 12-4 p.m.

This article first appeared in the December 2018 issue of Middleburg Life.