By Chelsea Rose Moore

On a bone-chillingly cold day, we headed to a local overlook to capture this month’s cover photo. The February magazine focuses on romance and great escapes, and what better way to incorporate both elements than with a romantic mountaintop scene?

We chose local residents Drew and Laura Scala to grace our cover. Their real-life engagement took place on a mountaintop and we wanted to recreate their inspiring story for you.  You can read more about their life together later in the magazine, which highlights the mountaintops and valleys they experience. They are fierce lovers of adventure, and advocates of spending time in the great outdoors. They radiated their happiness and somehow managed not to look cold in the midst of freezing temperatures!

Drew and Laura Scala with Lucy

Drew and Laura Scala with Lucy

The cover was shot by Yetta Reid Photography, a Loudoun-based photographer (she captured January’s beautiful cover as well!). Middleburg Life’s Elaine Anne Watt and Chelsea Rose Moore tag-teamed on setting the stage. A special thank you to Lucy Olmstead, the beautiful golden retriever who modeled for us. She was such a good sport!

As you read this issue, we hope the stories inspire you to fill your month with adventure and romance. ML